Monsters Preying on the Innocent in This Story Inspired by the Time Machine by HG Wells.

  • Released: July 13th, 2016
  • Pages: 62

Inspired by The Time Machine by H.G. Wells, Sanctuary is the story of an inventor named Gladstone. When he travels into the future, he finds the Earth destroyed and unspeakable horrors happening to the innocent survivors.

In this world of the future mankind is forced to live deep underground to shelter from the monsters that now roam the surface.

But the monsters have breached the Sanctuary Base he finds himself in and are preying on the survivors.

You can read a sample section of Sanctuary here or buy it as an eBook and Paperback from Amazon.

Genesis / Background of Sanctuary

I wrote the first draft of Sanctuary back 2014 when I first began writing short stories. It then spent most of its life sitting in a folder on my hard drive, forgotten about until I came across one day.

After reading The Time Machine by H.G. Wells one night I was inspired to write a time travel themed story. It’s loosely based on his idea, but turned on its head. Unlike Wells’ with the Eloi above and the Morlocks below, in my telling the protagonist travels into the future and finds the survivors of mankind are living sheltered underground and are frequently attacked by monsters from the surface.

The first thing I needed to update were names of the characters because since it had been sitting in my to-finish pile for so long I ended up using names from this one in my other stories.

The protagonist was originally Finsbury Park, who I obviously used in the story of the same, and Eliska who went from being someone he meets in the future to kicking ass on a prison ship in Nemesis Rising.

Since Finsbury Park was already used, I looked around a map of London and found a park called Gladstone park, so that became his name.

In the final edit you never find out his surname, but in the first cut he identified himself as Gladstone Park. I had toyed with making him the brother of Finsbury, but ultimately decided to leave out his surname.

Further Stories

My beta reader left me a note on the back page of the draft I sent her which read…

“This could be a good ‘universe’, I reckon. Lots of room for more stories here. :)”

…and up until then I’d never considered expanding the Sanctuary universe. Note: The following paragraph contains spoilers which I’ve hidden as white text. Highlight the text at your own peril 🙂

[Spoiler Alert]

It’s not a bad idea. After reading Wool / Silo Series by Hugh Howey and then seeing how much fan fiction has evolved around other “Silos”, there are other “Sanctuary” bases that exist in the world I have created still waiting to be explored.

With over a dozen Sanctuary Bases still active there’s plenty of room to move. Plus, what happened to the ones that didn’t respond? Well, one day I might just get around to telling those stories too.

[/Spoiler Alert]