Have Shovel – Will Bury

A Darkly Funny Novella with Vigilante Serial Killers. What More Could You Want?

  • Released: May 13th, 2016
  • Pages: 112

The Undertaker, a vigilante serial killer delivers his own brand of justice by burying the guilty alive. With over a dozen victims to his name the police look no closer to stopping him.

But when someone discovers who he is, instead of being reported he gets blackmailed into killing for hire.

With his identity at risk of exposure will he stop the blackmailer or will the cops finally get their man?

Murder. Blackmail. True Love.

You can read a sample section of Have Shovel – Will Bury here or buy it as an eBook or Paperback from Amazon.

Genesis of Have Shovel – Will Bury

I’ve got very little in the way of notes for this one. Basically the idea for this story came to me in the shower one morning, so I had to try to remember as much as possible during the morning mayhem.

First thing that came to me was the title, quickly followed by the small portion of dialogue where the cops are talking to The Undertaker and suddenly a guy starts screaming from being cremated alive, but he blames it on his phone’s ringtone. I didn’t end up using that exact sequence, but I did use it in an altered state. I then crafted a world around it.


The Undertaker I imagined as a world-weary kind of guy who got sick of burying people where their killers got away with it. His origin in the story talks of Ethan Chesterfield and his “affluenza”, which was in the news around the same time thanks to Ethan Couch (see what I did there, lol) as I came up with this story.

Stella Starr was named and partially created by my wife. I wanted a love interest in the story and she suggested “Stella” as a name and some quirky characteristics. It’s never revealed in the book because ultimately I deleted the conversation, but Stella Starr isn’t her real name. It’s a name she’s decided to use, an affectation of her quirky personality.

Detective Foss – he exists because of auto-correct. I was entering his name on my phone and it corrected his name to “Defective Toss”. After that I knew I had to use it, just so someone could call him that at some point.

The other characters don’t have much in the way of origin stories. A lot of them did come after I visited a cemetery. I wrote down a bunch of names I liked, recombined them as necessary or left them as they were.

Cover Idea

I struggled with the cover for this story for a few weeks. I was certain I wanted like a side profile / x-ray of two coffins underground. The one on top was to have had a normal skeleton while the one buried below it was to have had a skeleton scratching at the lid.

After much mucking around I came to the conclusion I suck at drawing skeletons, so gave the whole thing up as a bad idea. I deleted everything except the ground and a shovel sticking out of it, and it hit me I was trying to be too clever. I added the sunrise gradient in behind it and got one of my favourite covers.

Have Shovel – Will Bury is available as an eBook and Paperback from Amazon.