Thwarted by a Two-year-old

It’s hard to stay cranky at kids when they start counting along with you.

Like all parents my wife and I spend a lot of time teaching our kids to count and the alphabet etc., so when we’re giving them to the count of five to do something (or more often than not to stop doing something) it’s very off putting when you say “one….” and pause to let the count sink in, and they follow on with “two… three… four…”.

Damn it! Thwarted by a two-year-old!

I guess I shouldn’t complain, they have mastered counting to double digits after all.

So me being a clever daddy, like a ninja I reversed it and counted backwards from five.

This resulted in a triumphant shout of “blast-off!” when I got to zero.


I can’t win! This doesn’t seem to go away either, as my wife got the exact same reaction from our five-year-old over the weekend. 🙂

That’s all for this week. I know it’s a bit short but I’m busy working on my latest project which is taking up all of my time.