The New Doctor – Welcome Jodie Whittaker!

The New Doctor - Welcome Jodie Whittaker!

Whovians rejoice for The Doctor is finally back on our screens! The wait between seasons always feels like it takes forever to arrive, but they’re here now and that’s what counts.

I finished watching the first episode of season eleven, featuring the immensely talented Jodie Whittaker taking the mantle as the next incarnation of the Doctor. Entering the series with a bang (literally by crashing through the roof of a train), the Doctor has a typical time of trying to make sense of the world post-regeneration.

Synapses aren’t firing on full thanks to the regeneration process only being part complete, so the Doctor does what she does best: Fakes it until she makes it. In other words, take control and act like you know what the hell you’re doing until you work it out. A staple move of the Doctor if ever there has been.

To me, this one felt more like classic Doctor Who. While I enjoyed the hell out of the series with Steven Moffat running things, I did feel like it was getting bogged down in itself. This new episode by Chris Chibnall breathed some much needed fresh air into the series. Solid plot, excellent characters, and (to be fair we’re only one episode in, but…) a Doctor that doesn’t take herself too seriously like some that have come before.

Ms Whittaker delivered a Doctor who was compelling, quirky, eccentric, and easy to like right out of the box.

The New Doctor - Welcome Jodie Whittaker!

For the first time in a long time I’m excited to watch a new season of Doctor Who. I’ve enjoyed and re-watched the previous seasons many times so it’s not that I didn’t like them, it’s more that this one felt more like what I think of the Doctor as being.

I grew up watching the classic Doctor Who series – Tom Baker, Peter Davison, Colin Baker, and yes even the generally unpopular incarnation played by Sylvester McCoy – and loved watching them whenever I could. The new series Doctor’s I’ve enjoyed just as much, but

Ms Whittaker’s time as a Time Lord* has just begun, and I can’t wait to see what adventures she gets to have. I sincerely hope she’s around for many a season because if her first outing was anything to go by, I’ve got to say it’s possible she’ll take the place as my favourite Doctor.

* – as far as I know the debate hasn’t been settled. Time Lord and Time Lady are both considered correct as – most recently – Missy referred to herself as a Time Lady as have others in the past… but I’ve also been under the impression Time Lord was the race. Hopefully they’ll clear it up for us soon by making it canon.