Book Review | The God Complex by Michael Suskind

Over the weekend I bought and read “The God Complex: My Adventures in a 300 Year Last Man Standing Competition” by Michael Suskind, based on Amazon’s suggestion.

Turns out the machines are getting closer to taking over because they were spot on with this suggestion.

So what’s it all about. That’s a tricky one. We’ll start with author’s blurb and then I’ll give you my opinions.

The Blurb

In 2021, a worldwide Competition of seven billion people — every man, woman and child on earth — begins. In strange…often comic…sometimes frightening…ultimately lethal Events, participants battle against each other.
M would love to give up. After 300 years of desperately trying to survive the crazy, always surreal Events, he is finally done.
The only thing that has sustained him until now is the dream of being reunited with his beloved wife and two young children, whom he hasn’t seen since the Competition unexpectedly began. But slowly he has come to realize this is pure fantasy.
Now in his 45th Q&A Event, he is ready to give the wrong answer to the random, obscure question and take a dive.
But then Jonathan appears. A stranger, who’s really not a stranger at all, prevents M’s fatal exit from the Competition.
Jonathan’s relationship to M began long before the start of the Competition, something that only he knows. It is this deeply personal connection to M that becomes the driving force in Jonathan’s quest to reunite M with his wife and children.

In The God Complex, everyone on earth has been forced into competing into a “last man standing” event. Yep, all 7 billion people regardless of age or abilities must participate. Over the course of hundreds of years the total population is slowly reduced by means of ridiculous and lethal game shows.

I must say I was hooked from the preview. I downloaded the sample and was so engrossed I forgot it was just a sample and was peeved I had to stop reading to go buy the full version.

The story alternates between the characters and their experiences as well as a previous time the event was run. This story follows the events of the 282nd, with flashbacks to the 281st. I did get a little confused with for a while until I realised the flashback to the previous competition. True, it was right there in the chapter heading, I just missed it.

I can’t say too much more about it without giving stuff away. Suffice it to say I enjoyed the book and look forward to seeing what else Mr Suskind puts out. It was an original spin on a particular idea (which I won’t say here, because that’ll give away some of the ending). It’s annoyingly difficult to say anything about this book without giving things away.

TL;DR Version

A unique look at the absurdity of reality. Bizarre, funny, entertaining. I was hooked from the start.

Check out the sample on Amazon.