The Audiobook Review

As if I’m not busy enough working on my next book, I’ve also launched a new website dedicated to posting reviews of Audiobooks and giving away download codes to get them for free. is where I’ll be posting my reviews from now on, and any existing reviews are being copied over to there from here as well. The reason for this is two-fold.

1) I wanted to scale back this website to just have information about my books and what I’m working on, and…

2) I still wanted to post reviews of books, so I created a second site to look after this.

I expanded the review site though so anyone can post reviews, and authors / narrators can also join to add their books, add promo codes, and get reviews of their work as well.

It’s totally free of charge for everyone, so stop by, create an account and start reviewing, or if you’re an author, list your books and your promo codes!

And tell your friends!