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Writing Targets

Writing Targets

When I first started writing I was curious about how many words other authors wrote per day. It’s probably something every author wonders at some point, comparing their output to others. I used to worry that my output was low compared to other authors I admired. Over time, and especially so now I’m finding my writing groove again, that it doesn’t really matter at all. So long as I can sit down and write a few words each day, my novel moves forward.

Bite Me: Tales from the Zombie Apocalypse.

Bite Me

I’ve been making an effort since last I wrote to work on my writing every day. Some days are harder than others, simply finding a quiet moment can be challenging with kids running around demanding attention. That said, I started freewriting some zombie fiction the other day. I didn’t sit down with the bones of a plot or a general idea for how the story would evolve, I simply started typing to see where it would lead me. Because I...

Jeff Goldblum Life Uh Gets in the Way


I’ve been spending time recently to freshen up my website because it’s spent the better part of the past year being neglected like countless Tamagotchi from the nineties. But after moving to a new website host and installing a new WordPress theme you’re now looking at the funky-fresh new website of yours truly. I’ve been in a writing drought of late. Prior to posting an entry on the new Doctor the other day (Spoilers: Jodie Whittaker was AWESOME!) I hadn’t...


Found Things

Most people know the old joke about kids, how you can buy them the best toy or one they’ve been after forever and most of the time they’ll get as much enjoyment, if not more, from playing with the empty box. Same thing goes for found things, apparently. I’m writing this because today I was reminded of something that happened just a few days after last Christmas. I had just picked up my youngest from her cot and she cried out...

Flash Fiction | Drowning (A to Z Challenge)

Alone she lay underwater. Bubbles rose to the surface. Cold water engulfed her. Death would arrive soon. Every moment of life flashing by. Fish startling as she thrashed. Gone was hope of survival. Holding her belly. Infant inside she would never know. Justice she hoped would come. Killers deserve it more than most. Lovers who lie maybe more so. Murdering those they once loved. No more after this would she suffer. One last thing, couldn’t hurt to try. Pray hard...

Flash Fiction | Djinn and Tonic

This is a short exchange between a Djinni and a character named Tonic. I’ve been kicking around an idea for a short story involving a Djinni for a while now but have been trouble developing the overall story arc. So while I let it percolate away in my subconscious, here’s a little bit of fun which doubles as a bonus blog entry for this week. Djinn and Tonic “Don’t you ever get bored?” Tonic asked the Djinni. “Sometimes, I guess,” the...