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Bite Me Potential Artwork

Bite Me (Update)

A while ago I posted I was free writing some zombie fiction to help get the old creative juices flowing. Well, I’ve been working on it steadily again over the last few weeks after fleshing out the plot. Originally, it was just an exercise in writing with no real direction. Now though it has a plot and direction for me to take it. There are still some minor holes and directional questions I need to work through, but the meat of what I need is there. The first draft is now sitting and just a little over 30,000 words and I’m maybe around half way through if I had to put a number on it.


Vikings, Reddit, and Real Life

The last month has been hectic. My pay-the-bills job has been keeping me busy, plus other things outside of work have got me┬áto the point of not wanting to do any writing when I finally have spare time. I know that’s not the attitude to have, but it’s just been exhausting. That said, I think things are finally easing up a little which is giving me time to think about my next project. I’ve decided to work on a new...

Life, the Universe and Everything

The subject of this week’s post is a little misleading. It’s nothing to do with the Hitchhikers Guide to the Galaxy, or even as the picture to the left may suggest, Marvin. He’s just there to help sell the misdirect. No, it’s just more a way of pointing out how life, the universe and everything can find almost limitless ways to divert me from my task at hand, namely writing my next book. Don’t get me wrong, I enjoy the...

The Obsidian Witch

Since last week I’ve been working steadily on my new work in progress, tentatively titled “The Obsidian Witch”. I’ve had to take a few days off from writing as I’ve been awfully sick from tonsillitis (for like the 3rd of 4th time this year mind you.) That aside I’ve smashed out almost 7,000 words since last week which is a good start. I’ve been laying in a lot of scenes at the beginning and skipping parts that I haven’t yet...