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The Totally True Adventures of Gustav Gustavson: Legendary Viking Warrior - Audiobook Cover

A Feast For Your Ears

My first ever audiobook came out today and is available¬†through Audible, Amazon, and iTunes! It’s narrated by the incredible Basil Sands who did a masterful job at bringing my story to life. Basil’s character voices will immerse you in the story and keep you laughing all the way to the end. You can listen to a free sample at Audible. Blurb: Experience the awesomeness of my unexpected voyage to an undiscovered land where I survive shipwrecks, arena death match spectacles,...


Vikings, Reddit, and Real Life

The last month has been hectic. My pay-the-bills job has been keeping me busy, plus other things outside of work have got me¬†to the point of not wanting to do any writing when I finally have spare time. I know that’s not the attitude to have, but it’s just been exhausting. That said, I think things are finally easing up a little which is giving me time to think about my next project. I’ve decided to work on a new...