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RELEASED TODAY – The Redaction of Vernon Reid

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The Redaction of Vernon Reid CoverJust a quick update today to say my latest short story – The Redaction of Vernon Reid – is available now through Amazon for only $0.99!

  • Released: January 6th, 2018
  • Pages: 38

A humorous tale of an ordinary NSA analyst named Vernon Reid, a sentient smart weapon that has developed a conscience who prefers the name Keith, and an invading alien race hell bent on universal genocide.

When Vernon designs a weapon possessing war-ending potential by accident, the aliens deploy Keith to erase him from history.

Available exclusively through Amazon.



Potential Art and Gustav Book 2

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Potential Cover Art
Potential Cover Art

I’m currently at a little over 9000 words into my as-yet unnamed work in progress. It’s a young adult sci-fi novel set in the future where the world has flooded and the only survivors live on a space station, and a discovery they make under the ocean that could change everything.

It’s progressing a little slower than I’d like, mostly due to me being repeatedly ill (once to the point of being hospitalized from a severe reaction to tonsillitis). That said, it’s fully outlined so I know what and how it needs to be written, so I’ll keep plodding along and hopefully have more to report next time.

The other thing I’m working on is an outline for a second Gustav Gustavson novel. After kicking off the audiobook project I re-read the story to check it was all in order and a bunch of new plotlines thundered into my head and demanded attention.

Since then I’ve been taking copious notes on what I’d like to include and what directions it should take, so that has the potential to arrive some time next year.

Potential Artwork for Fist of the King
The Fist of the King

The plot is still very much in the outline stage, but the working title is “The Fist of the King”. I’m working on a cover design that ties in with the first, using the same approach of paper cut-out type design.

My main problem now is staying focussed on my current WIP and not being distracted by Gustav. I’m enjoying writing the new one, it’s just a little heavier to write than a light-hearted comedic fantasy.

My most recent novel

The Second Coming

is available exclusively through Amazon.

The Second Coming is Now!

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The Second Coming CoverThe Second Coming is happening right now!

That’s right. My latest book is now live on Amazon for Kindle (and Kindle Unlimited) and very soon will also be available as paperback. If you’re after a good laugh and don’t mind a little blasphemy in your day, then The Second Coming is the book for you.

Check it out on Amazon!

The Blurb:

Skylar, the wayward daughter of Stan (better known as Satan thanks to a typo in a first edition) is desperate to escape the ethereal planes of Hell and become a bounty hunter.

Sapphire, God’s forgotten second child, is oblivious of her divine heritage. Archangel Gabriel was to deliver the news on the night of her conception, but wound up bleeding and left for dead behind a seedy strip club.

So instead of delivering God’s latest and overriding commandment of “Don’t be a dick” to the people of Earth, Sapphire gets sucked into Skylar’s quest of hunting down an escaped soul from Hell that’s causing mayhem in Las Vegas.

The Second Coming is a wickedly funny urban fantasy crossed with comedic blasphemy, and laughing along with this book may land you in Hell.

Check it out on Amazon!

A Chance to Get a Free Copy of My Book!

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My latest novel – The Totally True Adventures of Gustav Gustavson – Legendary Viking Warrior – has been accepted by KindleScout and will be live for thirty days on their site. If after the 30 days are up the KindleScout team like what I’ve written I can be signed up for publishing with Amazon.

Want a shot at getting a copy for free? Well, all you need to do is nominate my book – click here to go straight to it – and if Amazon choose to pick up the publishing rights everyone who nominated it scores a free copy! Simple as that.

So what is the book about? The blurb:

This is the story of a true Viking hero you won’t learn in schools. Gustav the Great. Gustav the Powerful. Gustav the Dragon Slayer. A story so fantastic and shocking not even the History Channel would dare turn it into a TV series.

Every word of it is true. Totally true. How do I know? Because it’s all about me. Gustav Gustavson – Legendary Viking Warrior.

Experience the awesomeness of my unexpected voyage to an undiscovered land where I survive shipwrecks, arena death match spectacles, rampaging rhinoceraptors, naked and rather surly giants, and even dragons! Well, a dragon… all in my pursuit of fame and glory.

So basically a mash-up of multiple genres: Vikings, comedic fantasy, sword and sorcery, and a little bit of Dungeons and Dragons all wrapped up into a fictional biography which I hope you’ll find entertaining.

I’ll post further updates on my books progress over at KindleScout. The campaign will run through to about the 22nd of May, then I’ll find out within 2 weeks of that if I’ve been successful.

Wish me luck and don’t forget to nominate me for your chance to get a free copy!

FTW Box Set

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ftw_complete_106Just a quick post because I forgot to announce this when I did it, but both books in the FTW series are now also available as a single download.

Because I know there are many people who prefer to buy a series as a “boxed” set, I decided to release Boneyards and Badlands as a single volume. You can save yourself a few dollars when you buy this way as well, as I’ve priced it lower than the total of buying each separately.

You can read a sample section of Boneyards & Badlands here or buy as an eBook or Paperback from Amazon.

Paperback is also available in most bookstores where awesome books like mine are sold.

Badlands: Out Now!

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I’m happy to announce the 2nd book of the FTW series – Badlands – is now published!

This exciting conclusion to the series is available now exclusively from Amazon. Check out a sample or better yet, go buy it! For a limited time to celebrate it’s release I’ve priced it at only $0.99 so grab it while it’s cheap!

If that wasn’t enough to help celebrate the launch of book 2, I’ve also temporarily lowered the price of book 1. You can now pick up Boneyards – Book 1 of the FTW series for less than a buck!

Book 1 – Boneyards

Book 2 – Badlands

Death Is For Other People

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cover_211My latest short story – Death Is For Other People – is now live on Amazon!

Death Is For Other People follows the life of the protagonist who is one of only a handful of people known as ‘Eternals’ – those who are cursed to be reborn as new people after death. They retain all of their memories from their previous life, and can be born into any family, anywhere.

Death Is For Other People is a rebirth tale spanning hundreds of years, and a battle to prevent  the extinction of all mankind. Read the rest of this entry »

FTW – Published!

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ftw_211Quick post this week because I’m exhausted from all the editing and formatting of FTW to get it ready for publication.

The goods new though is that finally, after many months of work my young adult novel FTW is going live! I’ve pushed the publish button so the eBook is now available on Amazon. The paperback version is also available from Amazon and bookstores where awesome books like mine are sold*. 🙂 Read the rest of this entry »

Death Is For Other People (For Sure This Time)

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Last week I wrote how I was unsure what to call my work in progress. Well I’ve decided I prefer “Death Is For Other People”  so I’m going with that. Over the weekend I finished the first rounds of editing, so next up is the stage where I’ll convert the text into speech and listen to it to pick up anything I may have missed before sending it off to my beta readers.

I’ve also been working on a cover, and I’ve been having a hard time with this one. In the end Read the rest of this entry »

Sanctuary – Published!

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Sanctuary Large CoverA quick mid-week post to let you know I’ve just clicked the Publish button for the eBook and Paperback versions of Sanctuary!

It takes a few days for Amazon to link up the versions and get a “look inside” sample ready, but as soon as they’re ready I’ll update the Short Stories page with the links.

<Update> You can now read a sample section of Sanctuary here.

In the meantime if you’d like to check it out on Amazon just click this link! Read the rest of this entry »