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Ghostbusters, Doctor Who, and the Next Generation (aka my kids)

I had the distinct pleasure of indoctrinating… er, I mean introducing my kids (6 and 3) to the world of Ghostbusters on the weekend. Completely unintentional, mind you. I hadn’t meant on them watching it, but they wandered out when it started, saw the librarian ghost (thought she was fantastic)¬†and sat and watched the whole thing. Their favourite part? The Stay Puft Marshmallow Man of course. Once we’d finished the first one they saw the picture of the “Lady Ghostbusters”...

Stay Puft

Ghostbusters Reboot

It seems I may be in the minority on this one. I’ve read how there’s a huge chunk of the internet hating on the reboot of Ghostbusters, but after watching the two trailers I’m kinda excited to see it. I’ll be the first to admit the first trailer that dropped didn’t wow me that much. That said, I think they’ve done a better job with the second so much so my wife and I were ready to pack the kids...