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Flash Fiction | Supervillain

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I’ve really been having a lot of fun with the Writing Prompts of late (as you’ve probably noticed from the plethora of blog posts recently). Here’s a quickie I wrote on my lunch break.

I’m enjoying them because they’re giving me something to do while I wait and see how my KindleScout campaign pans out (more about this at the end if you’re interested).

The Prompt:

[WP] A child wants to be a supervillain when they grow up, rather than a superhero.

The Story:

“I’m sorry, you want to be a what?” Berserko Fantastico said to his young daughter, Natalie.

At only seven years old she was already a handful, and in hindsight he should have noticed the signs earlier. In the past three months alone she’d designed and built three doomsday devices and attempted to sell them on Craigslist to various evildoers.

If he hadn’t been home at the time then Evil Incorporated, The Diabolical Duo, and the Fellowship of the Fiendish would all now be the proud owners of her handiwork. Read the rest of this entry »

Flash Fiction | An Ancient Relic of True Wisdom

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I know I only just posted some flash fiction less than an hour ago… but I couldn’t resist this one. Again, from Writing Prompts on Reddit.

The prompt:

[WP] In a far-distant future, children of age are paraded en masse to an ancient relic which is prophesized to only accept the touch of a chosen one. Sadly, it’s just a locked smart-device.

The Story:

The children marched single file along the wide promenade. Crowds of people, twenty rows deep lined both sides, cheering and waving to the little heroes in the hope that one might unlock the relic lost to time.

Long ago a seer known as Quatre-Chan had prophesized that a child of ten years of age would unlock the device and we would know true wisdom. So many years had passed, so many children had attempted to unlock the secrets of the relic, but none had succeeded.

I was the high priest that day. That fateful day that everything changed. Read the rest of this entry »

Flash Fiction | The Replacements (D&D Style)

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Another lunch break and another piece of flash fiction inspired by Writing Prompts on Reddit.

The prompt:

[WP] You’re usual D&D group was a no show for your campaign, jokingly you wish for interesting players to play with… That’s when 3 people from history appear at your table complete with character sheets.

The Story:

“For the last time, no, Julius, you can’t cast magic missile,” I said as I rubbed my temples, thinking that perhaps wishing for these idiots was a bad idea. Maybe if I wished hard enough my usual gang would show up and I could kick these guys out.

“Why not?” asked the Caesar, breaking my train of thought. “I have prepared my spells.”

“Yes, but you’ve already cast your limit for today. Who was next in initiative order, JFK or Genghis?” I said, consulting my notes.

“Me,” Genghis Kahn growled from across the table. His eyes studied the map laid out before him. Read the rest of this entry »

Flash Fiction | He was always so nice

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I wrote this piece in my lunch break today after poking through Writing Prompts on Reddit. This one struck a chord with me so I typed out a few hundred words.

The prompt:

[WP] “For a serial killer, he’s awfully polite. Even sends me post cards from time to time.”

The Story:

The first postcard was strange. A cityscape photo of Phoenix, Arizona on one side and a hand-written note “Thinking of you in Phoenix,” on the other. No signature or name, only my address in Trenton, New Jersey.

At first I thought maybe someone had sent it to the wrong person until I got another less than a week later. This one had both my name and my address.

Missing you from Montana,” it read, but still no details of the sender. The picture was a landscape of beautiful, windswept mountains. I made a note to visit there one day if I had the chance.

Another week passed by and with it came another postcard.

You left a hole in my heart as big as Texas,” again with no name. The picture on the front was the flag of Texas.

That was a little more specific. Was it someone I’d dumped in the past? I’d been through a few recently. My standards have always been high, and I’m known to dump people I’m seeing for the shallowest of reasons. I’m not going to apologize for being picky.

The most disturbing one came a few days later. Read the rest of this entry »

What’s in a name? (Part 2)

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A few weeks ago I had a post about pseudonyms and why I chose one. Part 2 of this is todays blog about character names and where they come from.

I’ve always liked the everyday-yet-different sounding names used in classic sci-fi by the likes of Philip K. Dick (Milton Lumley, Talbot Yancy, Rachmael ben Applebaum to name a few), George R. Stewart (Isherwood Williams in Earth Abides), and Douglas Adams (Arthur Dent, Ford Prefect, Fenchurch from the Hitchhikers Guide to the Galaxy).

So it’s often when I’m coming up with a character name I try for the everyday-yet-different kind of name. Not always, but if the need is there then I’ll go that way. Finsbury Park, for example, stuck out as a great character name the second I saw it on a map of London, and it rings true with my favourite way of naming. Similar to Fenchurch in a way though Finsbury wasn’t conceived there. Read the rest of this entry »

Serials – Flash Fiction

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Bonus entry for this week because I had a burst of inspiration and smashed out some flash fiction. It’s a nice quick read, coming in at around 680 words.

I’ve titled it “Serials: A Love Story”. Why? Well, did your parents ever tell you not to pick up hitchhikers because they could be serial killers?

But as we all know, serial killers love to pick up hitchhikers.

With that in mind… click here to read “Serials: A Love Story” .



Mimic Madness: A Finsbury Park Mini

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A new short story / flash fiction for you this week. I was having difficulty coming up with ideas for this weeks post until I remembered an idea I had had about giving Finsbury some mini-adventures from time to time. So with no other ideas coming along to fill the void I smashed this one out for your reading pleasure.

This is a follow on from my previously published short Finsbury Park, so if you haven’t read that you probably should so you know who the characters are. It’s cool, I’ll wait here until you’re back. Read the rest of this entry »

Drowning (A to Z Flash Fiction)

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Alone she lay underwater.
Bubbles rose to the surface.
Cold water engulfed her.
Death would arrive soon.
Every moment of life flashing by.
Fish startling as she thrashed.
Gone was hope of survival.
Holding her belly.
Infant inside she would never know.
Justice she hoped would come.
Killers deserve it more than most.
Lovers who lie maybe more so.
Murdering those they once loved.
No more after this would she suffer.
One last thing, couldn’t hurt to try.
Pray hard for a miracle.
Quiet, no response came.
Rope tethered to an anchor.
Secured round her waist.
Thrown away like garbage.
Underwater she would stay.
Very close was the end now.
Wished her friends well.
X’s and O’s to them all.
Years would pass without her.
Zero life she had left.

Djinn and Tonic (Flash Fiction)

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This is a short exchange between a Djinni and a character named Tonic. I’ve been kicking around an idea for a short story involving a Djinni for a while now but have been trouble developing the overall story arc. So while I let it percolate away in my subconscious, here’s a little bit of fun which doubles as a bonus blog entry for this week.

Djinn and Tonic

“Don’t you ever get bored?” Tonic asked the Djinni.

“Sometimes, I guess,” the Djinni mused. “I can become a bit of an asshole when I’m bored. I’ll start interpreting wishes literally.”

“Like how?” Read the rest of this entry »

The Swarm (Flash Fiction)

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The SwarmI wrote a piece of flash fiction while procrastinating instead of concentrating on my other works in progress.

I’d been having trouble with a particular scene, so to take my mind off it I started reading a lot of flash fiction online. After reading many great stories online I was impressed at how much information could be packed into so few words, so I sat down and started typing the first thing that came to mind in an attempt to create my own, and thus “The Swarm” was born.

Since it is flash fiction (about 4 pages in length, or a little over 1000 words), I’ve made it available to read for free here on my site.