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I’ve been busy over the weekend doing the first round of self-editing on “The Second Coming” and I’m almost done.

Listening to a robotic voice read back the words is monotonous but highly effective way of catching out typos.

Missed words or wrong words (like using “and” instead of “an”, or “in” instead of “it”) stand out like the proverbial, so when they show up I can run the red pen through them to correct later.

I’ve also been working on that most hated of tasks: writing the blurb. What I’ve got so far is below, and I’m pretty happy with it. Like always I’ll sit on it for a while and come back to it later.

The Blurb:

Skylar, the wayward daughter of Stan (better known as Satan thanks to a typo in a first edition) is desperate to escape the ethereal planes of Hell and become a bounty hunter.

Sapphire, God’s forgotten second scion, is oblivious of her divine heritage. Archangel Gabriel was to deliver the news on the night of her conception, but wound up bleeding and left for dead behind a seedy strip club.

So instead of delivering God’s latest and overriding commandment of “Don’t be a dick” to the people of Earth, Sapphire gets sucked into Skylar’s quest of hunting down an escaped soul from Hell that’s causing mayhem in Las Vegas.

The Second Coming is a wickedly funny urban fantasy crossed with comedic blasphemy, and laughing along with this book may get you a visit from Stan.

So hopefully it does what a good blurb is supposed to do. That is, suck you in and make you want to read the book. What do you think? Opinions are always welcome. 🙂

In other news, I’ve picked up a couple of nice 4 and 5 star ratings for The Totally True Adventures of Gustav Gustavson – Legendary Viking Warrior. A 4-star on Amazon.com, a 5-star on Amazon.co.uk and 2 x 5-stars over on Goodreads! (There’s also a 2-star on Goodreads, but I’ll ignore that. Can’t please everyone, and they’re obviously in the minority of people without a sense of humour… hehe).



The Totally True Adventures of Gustav Gustavson – Legendary Viking Warrior

Is available exclusively through Amazon.


Update: The Totally True Adventures of Gustav Gustavson – Legendary Viking Warrior

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I’m sure you’ll be eager to hear that my work in progress – The Totally True Adventures of Gustav Gustavson – Legendary Viking Warrior – is now at the “beta reader” stage of editing.

That means it’s getting much closer to being completely finished! Once I get it back and comb through the notes, adjusting my draft where necessary, and it’ll be one step closer to putting it onto Kindle Scout.

In the meantime I’m busy working on some other things for the book. Firstly, in my books I like to have a custom “mid-chapter break” or “section break” if you prefer. In a lot of books these are three little asterisks “***” or bullets “•••” or the like that usually denote passage of time during a chapter.

I’ve always gone with a little symbol I like in all of my books to date – – for no other reason than I happen to like it. But with Gustav I’ve made a custom symbol, Gustav’s head:

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25 Ways to Die When You’re Immortal

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The red ink of editing isn’t even dry on my soon to be released novel FTW and I’m busily working on my next. Between catching up on my reading and waiting for my draft to come back from my beta reader I’ve been massaging a few story ideas into shape.

The one I’m most keen on came from an idea I had for a title Read the rest of this entry »

7 Steps of Self-Editing

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Right now I’m deep in the throes of editing FTW. I’m currently sitting on step 5 in the list below, so my part involves a lot of waiting around so it’s really not that bad. I have to self-edit everything I write, so the more ways I can add in to check what I’ve written, the more chances I’ve got to find problems.

My process of editing has evolved over time, and now looks something like this: Read the rest of this entry »

FTW – Update

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I’ve had a really productive week since my last post. As I mentioned in last week’s post I’ve been working on ideas for a second part to FTW.

Well, I’m happy to announce that I’ve finished it so it’s now ready for editing! Yay!

So I did say if I got to 50,000 words I’d think about entering into Kindle Scout, well unfortunately I fell a few thousand short. The good news though is Read the rest of this entry »