8 Free Download Codes for Audible!

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I’ve got a 5 promo codes for and 3 for that I want to give away to people who review audiobooks. They’re for my recently released audiobook version of The Totally True Adventures of Gustav Gustavson – Legendary Viking Warrior, so if you like comedic fantasy then I’ve got the audiobook for you!

Leave a link to your blog and let me know if you need .com or codes and I’ll get in touch.

Note: Giveaway is also posted on Facebook so it’s first in wins.

Update: All codes have been claimed.

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The Blurb

Experience the awesomeness of my unexpected voyage to an undiscovered land where I survive shipwrecks, arena death match spectacles, rampaging rhinoceraptors, naked and rather surly giants, and even dragons! Well, a dragon…. All in my pursuit of fame and glory.

Every word of it is true. Totally true. How do I know? Because it’s all about me. Gustav Gustavson, Legendary Viking Warrior.

Narrated by the indomitable Basil Sands, this humorous tale of Viking adventure will keep you laughing all the way through. Just ask these guys!


Gustav Gustavson – Audio Book Auditions!

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The Totally True Adventures of Gustav Gustavson – Legendary Viking Warrior

I am ridiculously excited to announce I’m taking my first steps towards producing an Audiobook version for The Totally True Adventures of Gustav Gustavson – Legendary Viking Warrior.

About a week ago I put the pieces in place on to start getting auditions for the book, and I’ve had a number of fantastic audition pieces come back already. I’m now running a poll to help decide on who I should choose. My favourite audition pieces are embedded below.

Update: I’ve removed the poll as I was also running one on Facebook. I’ve extended an offer to Basil Sands so all things being equal he’ll soon be the voice of Gustav Gustavson – Legendary Viking Warrior! You can listen to his audition below.

Basil Sands