Book Review | Shoot The Dead by Steve Wetherell

shoothedeadI could not put this one down. Metaphorically of course, because since buying it I’ve slept and ate and whatnot, but let’s not let trivial things like that get in the way of good hyperbole.

So to backtrack a little, I bought a copy of Shoot the Dead by Steve Wetherell yesterday, and read 80%* of it in one go, then finished it this morning. I’ve mentioned recently in other reviews I’m not one who really likes to go and read zombie fiction, but I put those prejudices aside becauseI really like everything I’ve read by this author. When I read reviews describing it terms of Shaun of the Dead, Snatch, and Evil Dead, I knew it would be for me.

Kind of a pain really because I was in the middle of re-reading The Running Man which I love and was reluctant to put down. After I read the sample though I had to put everything on hold while I read this.

And Mr Wetherell certainly did not disappoint. The book moves along at a cracking pace, and is filled with great characters, great dialogue, and one liners worthy of any action movie hero.  Chock full of quintessentially English banter (even noticed a “blighter” in there at one point), the whole played out in my mind like I was watching a zombie/action/comedy movie.

The wisecracking Thatcher Boys are now probably my favourite criminal duo, and I’d love to read another book featuring them.


When career criminals Jack and Billy Thatcher rip off their boss as part of their early retirement plan, they don’t bank on his underworld connections going a lot deeper than expected…

Now finding themselves on the run from undead monsters and chainsaw wielding freaks, the Thatcher boys will have to employ every dirty trick they know if they want to live to see another dawn.

TL;DR Version

A great read you’ll love if you’re a fan of movies like Shaun of the Dead.

Note on point above

* – What did we ever do before accurate percentages on books? When someone asks, we can now say “I’m 47% of the way through…”, whereas before it’d be like “I dunno, about a third maybe, not quite half.”