Random Encounters

A quickie bonus post today because I had to share this. I’ve resisted the urge now for some time, but today I gave in and Googled my name to see what came up. I was very surprised to find the following image.il_570xN_1047907001_kbk2

That’s one of mine on the Kindle screen! Naturally I needed to know more, so I followed the link and found myself on the Etsy page of WeMadeItSew.

The ladies who own this particular store hand sew a variety of products including the terrific-looking¬†handmade Kindle stands as you can see in the photo above. So completely by random chance when they’ve taken the photos for their Kindle stands it was Finsbury Park displaying on the screen.

As such, I think it only fair I urge you to check out their site if for no other reason than their Kindle has excellent taste!