Book Review | 2 Shorts by Steve Wetherell

It’d come as no surprise to anyone has read my book reviews that I’m a die hard fan* of Steve Wetherell, having read basically everything he’s written. Over the new year he put up two short stories which I gladly rushed out to purchase.

I left a couple of quick reviews on Amazon after I read each one which I’m copying into here. Mostly because they were short stories, and I was writing the review via my phone rather than my PC, they’re much shorter and to the point than some of my others.

The Torso Farmer

Mister Wetherell’s psyche is certainly an interesting place. Inspired by a nightmare, this short tale gives us a look into a unique hellish world. Much like how the time spent in Hell was described in “Far Into The Dark” I found myself wishing for this story not to end.

These dark worlds mister Wetherell dreams up are indeed the things of nightmares.

The Ballad of Azron BezronThe Ballad of Azron Bezron

Azron Bezron, “Hero Theef” of the Doomsayer series is threatened into stealing a gem as penance for past thievery… the alternative punishment being less than palatable.

A great addition to the Doomsayer Journeys and a fun read for those who want more in this universe, and for others who may not have read the series¬†(if you haven’t, you should!)

Get The Torso Farmer and The Ballad of Azron Bezron for under a buck a piece from Amazon.

* Note to fans of Die Hard, I’m currently reading “Nothing Lasts Forever” by Roderick Thorp which was the basis for the movie Die Hard. Review to come later once I’ve finished it.