Book Review | New York Deep by Andrew Morgan

New York Deep by Andrew MorganI picked up New York Deep by Andrew Morgan a couple of weeks ago now and am only now getting around to posting my review. I’ve been slack over the Christmas break and haven’t updated my site at all… been too busy enjoying the Australian summer.

But getting down to business – I really enjoyed this book. I’d describe it as action / sci-fi, with some heartfelt moments that really gets you rooting for the main character to succeed. Josh, the main character, is well rounded. Intelligent and driven but also necessarily flawed.

So as usual I’ll let the author’s blurb tell you about it, then go into more myself:

Deep below Manhattan, tunnel engineer Josh Reed leads his team as they excavate the East Side Access extending New York’s railway service. But sparks fly as the drill hits an unusual crystalline material—one Josh has never seen before. They push on and Josh discovers something even more unexpected . . . a vast room, empty and lifeless.

Or so it seems.

When Josh finds out that the CIA are now looking for him, and that his co-workers have gone missing, he turns to his best friend and boss Lionel Parker for help. Together they unravel the mystery of the room, what’s inside it, and why the CIA are so desperate to keep them silent.

It’s nothing they could ever have expected.


It’s a little hard to review exactly what the book is about without giving away what this mysterious find is all about. It’s a little spoiler-ish, but you find out fairly early on what it’s all about so if you REALLY don’t want to know, don’t read on. Although thinking about it, the Amazon categories kind of give it away too, so what the hell…

Our hero, Josh, is drilling a new tunnel in New York to extend the rail lines. His team hits a weird, crystalline / metal hybrid, but manage to push on through. Quickly thereafter his world begins to unravel, with the CIA showing up taking a very close interest in the find.

When his work friends begin to disappear and his ex-wife and son are threatened, Josh contacts his boss, Lionel, who helps get him and his family out of town. But just when they think they’re safe, the plot turns on its head and suddenly he’s back in time before any of this began.

The time travel part of this novel is interesting and free from the normal problems you get with causality and changing the future from the past. I won’t delve into the details why as that gives away a little too much of the plot.

The pace picks up and races by as the action heats up at the end, with interesting twists and turns as more is revealed.

TL;DR Version

This was an enjoyable read from beginning to end and makes me want to find out what else this author has written.

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