Ghostbusters Reboot

It seems I may be in the minority on this one. I’ve read how there’s a huge chunk of the internet hating on the reboot of Ghostbusters, but after watching the two trailers I’m kinda excited to see it.

I’ll be the first to admit the first trailer that dropped didn’t wow me that much. That said, I think they’ve done a better job with the second so much so my wife and I were ready to pack the kids off to their grandparents for the evening and head to the movies, but then found out it’s not on yet. Oh well, we’ll do that when it comes out.

Now, I’m a huge fan of the first one and to a slightly lesser degree the second (let’s face it, sequels in the 80’s tended towards the crappier end), so like most people who hold things like this from their childhoods close to their hearts I was a tiny bit affronted to learn someone was rebooting the franchise.

And maybe that’s what some of the haters are feeling. Yes, I am aware there’s a significant amount of misogynistic douchebag asshattery at work, trolls are an unfortunate side effect of doing anything on the internet. Trolls will always troll, especially if you give them anonymity to express their opinions.

But my point is I got over it, that dread of seeing my beloved Ghostbusters reworked and transformed into something new, and I think most people will as well once it comes out. Yes, even I’d wager a good portion of the trolls who are publicly decrying it as the worst idea ever. Movies and TV shows are rebooted all the time and people get over it.

Ghostbusters I guess just holds a special place in people’s hearts, and maybe with this new one it’ll help create a whole new legion of fans who have to fight the urge to shout “Ghostbusters!” when someone utters the phrase “Who you gonna call?“.

Ultimately, I’m happy for the haters to hate because it means more room for us true fans in the cinema! And in another 30 years’ time if they reboot it again, I’m sure the haters will be hating just as hard. It’s what they do.

Until then, stay puft!

Stay Puft