Found Things

Most people know the old joke about kids, how you can buy them the best toy or one they’ve been after forever and most of the time they’ll get as much enjoyment, if not more, from playing with the empty box. Same thing goes for found things, apparently.

I’m writing this because today I was reminded of something that happened just a few days after last Christmas. I had just picked up my youngest from her cot and she cried out for her rabbit, a cute little beige plush bunny she found a few days earlier at the park. I’m told it had been there for over a week or more, from what my parents saw who were leaving it in case someone came back for it.

My daughter found it though and has since become very attached to it.

So much like playing with empty boxes, this little found thing is now one of her treasured possessions.

I like the term “found things”, it’s much more glass half full than “lost things”. It’s a term I picked up from Periwinkle (yes, the Disney fairy)… I’ve got two daughters, I’m very familiar with Disney fairies and princesses. 🙂

My most recent “found thing” was Nemesis Rising. I probably don’t love it as much as my daughter loves her bunny, but it was still fun to find.

In other news, I’ve almost completed the second round of editing on my next short story – Finsbury Park. I received excellent feedback from my beta reader and have adjusted the draft accordingly. So now I’m re-reading the whole thing to make sure I’ve got everything just the way I want it, and then it’ll be off Amazon for publishing.

I’ve made it available for pre-order from today, with a release date of this Saturday (the 16th of April) to make sure I keep my butt in gear.