Flash Fiction | An Ancient Relic of True Wisdom

I know I only just posted some flash fiction less than an hour ago… but I couldn’t resist this one. Again, from Writing Prompts on Reddit.

The prompt:

[WP] In a far-distant future, children of age are paraded en masse to an ancient relic which is prophesized to only accept the touch of a chosen one. Sadly, it’s just a locked smart-device.

The Story:

The children marched single file along the wide promenade. Crowds of people, twenty rows deep lined both sides, cheering and waving to the little heroes in the hope that one might unlock the relic lost to time.

Long ago a seer known as Quatre-Chan had prophesized that a child of ten years of age would unlock the device and we would know true wisdom. So many years had passed, so many children had attempted to unlock the secrets of the relic, but none had succeeded.

I was the high priest that day. That fateful day that everything changed.

As each child entered the temple, guardians ushered them towards the device. It wasn’t much bigger than an adult’s palm, and much, much thinner. Glass on one side and a white, metal back. Printed on its back was a holy symbol of some kind, an apple. A small, white lead connected it to our power supply, keeping it alive.

A small girl with brown hair walked up. Her breathing was heavy, and if we weren’t careful she’d pass out before she could make her attempt.

“It’s okay, child. Take long, deep breaths and steady your nerves.”

The young girl did as she was told and after a few moments she calmed down.

“Excellent… now come forward and place your thumb on the relic,” I said.

I’ll never forget what happened next as long as I live.

The relic unlocked, and where once was a grid with only series of numbers there now was a young man with reddish hair. He began to sing…

“Never gonna give you up; Never gonna let you down; Never gonna run around and desert you…”