Boneyards & Badlands: The Complete FTW Series

Boneyards & Badlands: The Complete FTW Series
Part of the FTW series:

Echo Fox lives in a boneyard. It’s a brutal and inescapable existence where life is worthless and outsiders kill without conscience. It’s the only life she’s ever known. A world where one company - FTW - controls everything including the air you breathe.

The day after Echo turns sixteen, outsiders murder the only person she’s ever loved. With nothing else to lose, Echo vows revenge on the outsiders. Leaving the only life she knows behind her, Echo goes from the lowest place on Earth to one where nothing is beyond her reach.

In this world beyond her imagination, if FTW discover her true intentions it will mean the end of her life as well.

Contains Both Books in the FTW Series
• Book 1 - Boneyards
• Book 2 - Badlands

Publisher: Emaech Publishing

The complete FTW Series in a single volume.

The FTW Series is an exciting young-adult fight for survival in a dystopian future. Featuring strong, no-nonsense female lead characters, this duo of fast-paced, action-packed books will keep you up all night because you won't want to put them down.