Book Review | Uncanny Sally by W. Lawrence

Uncanny Sally by W. LawrenceUncanny Sally, a short story by W. Lawrence who you may know from Synching Forward which sets up this universe.

Reading Synching Forward isn’t a prerequisite for reading this as it works as a standalone novel, but if you have, you’ll have a deeper understanding on what drives our protagonist, Amara.

The Blurb:

Sergeant Agent Amara James of the Department of Homeland Defense is reassigned from her anti-terrorism task force to investigate a murder. A popular actress has been found dead at the Sathee Robotics facility, and Amara’s investigation will uncover our inventions sometimes mimic us too closely. Uncanny Sally is a whydunnit told in the asimovian style that will keep you guessing till the very end.

The Syncing In series complements the novel Syncing Forward, following the investigations of Amara James as she desperately tries to find a cure for her father. These novelettes can be read and enjoyed independently from the original novel.

This is a hard-boiled detective techno-thriller set in the universe W. Lawrence created in Synching Forward. The story is narrated by Agent Amara as she recounts a recent case she solved. She’s recording her life so that when her father returns he can get to know who she is.

A detective worthy of comparison to Chandler’s Philip Marlow, Agent Amara unabashedly cuts to the chase in pursuit of her investigation. Much like I, Robot where a human has been killed at a factory creating synths, the investigation leads Amara through the minefield of AI programming and how easily Asimov’s 3 laws could easily be misconstrued by the AI who have been programmed to obey them.

TL;DR Version

Another great read by W. Lawrence. Can’t wait to see more in this universe. Read a sample of Uncanny Sally: From the Case Files of Amara James (Syncing In)  on Amazon, or grab a copy while it’s free*.

*Free as of time of writing, your experience may vary.