Book Review | Goddamned Freaky Monsters by Rick Gualtieri

Goddamned Freaky Monsters by Rick GualtieriI should preface this review with a <POSSIBLE SPOILERS> warning since Goddamned Freaky Monsters is book 5 in The Tome of Bill series. If you’ve not read the first four, maybe look away now.

After reading the first 4 books in quick succession I decided a short break was in order before continuing with the series. That short break turned into 6 months as other books kept demanding my attention.

But finally I’m back on the Bill train, having finished this one over the weekend and lining up to read the next one when I’m finished what I’m currently reading.

The Blurb:

Three months have passed since the fateful encounter in New York City that ended with the disappearance of Bill Ryder – gamer, geek, and legendary vampire. Now he’s back, awakened halfway across the globe with no allies, clothing, or clue as to how he got there. The only thing he’s certain of is that his captors plan to use him for their own nefarious ends and don’t care how much blood they spill in the process.

Escape might be the least of his worries, though. Civilization teeters on the brink of chaos. Mythical beasts, once thought the stuff of fantasy, are breaking through the veil, intent on waging war against mankind. At their forefront stands an ancient evil, the last remnant of a cult thought long dead, and he’s about to cut a swath of destruction through the world not seen since biblical times.

Bill’s only chance is to reclaim his life, reconcile with his friends, and muster every bit of attitude he can – because if he fails, Hell on Earth will become far more than just a corny saying.

After returning from a forced “vacation”, our hero Bill Ryder rreturns to his old life and immediately stuffs things up in ways only he can. Again, this book like its predecessors contains a lot of juvenile humour, but I thought there was much less of it than the┬áprevious outings.

As a total story Goddamned Freaky Monsters seemed a little underwhelming at the end, but when considered in the context of setting the stage and getting the players in position for the final books in the series, I think that it works. I enjoyed this and will be continuing with the series.

TL;DR Version

A good addition to the Tome of Bill series and has me hooked to complete the series. You probably shouldn’t start at book 5, so check out the sample of book 1 at Amazon.