Bite Me

I’ve been making an effort since last I wrote to work on my writing every day. Some days are harder than others, simply finding a quiet moment can be challenging with kids running around demanding attention.

That said, I started freewriting some zombie fiction the other day. I didn’t sit down with the bones of a plot or a general idea for how the story would evolve, I simply started typing to see where it would lead me. Because I like thinking up titles and cover art before I’ve finished writing… (and if I’m being honest sometimes I make up book covers for stuff I’ve not even written, or likely too. Just creating them for creation’s sake, but I digress)… I ended up giving this one the working title of “Bite Me: Tales from the Zombie Apocalypse”.

Bite Me: Tales from the Zombie Apocalypse.

The working title and cover art – aka: Procrastination at its finest.

Today I’m almost 8,000 words in and still no real idea what the story will turn in to, but it’s the writing that’s the main thing.

I’m finding the time to write again, to get back into the habit and start writing books again. It’s possible this zombie story won’t ever really go anywhere, in which case I’ll either shelve it as a writing exercise or if it’s finished to a satisfactory conclusion, I might just post it here on the blog.

But you never know, maybe I’ll actually come up with a solid outline for where the story is going and it’ll become my next novel. Time will tell. Ultimately I’m just happy enough that I’m getting words out of my head and onto the paper.