Far out in the uncharted backwaters of the unfashionable end of the western spiral arm of the Galaxy lies a small unregarded yellow sun. Orbiting this at a distance of roughly ninety-two million miles is an utterly insignificant little blue green planet. On this planet lives a man named Morgan Hobbes. He’s not the only person living there; in point of fact there are billions of people, and most of them wouldn’t know who Morgan Hobbes was even if he threw a rock at them. Not that he makes a habit of throwing rocks at people. Apart from that, Morgan Hobbes is a pen name. He’s spent enough of his life spelling his surname, so when he began publishing he chose a new name that was much simpler. But the point is out of all those billions of people he’s the one you’re currently reading about. Morgan lives in Newcastle, Australia with his wife and children. His day job is in tech support and training though he’d much prefer to be writing fiction. He’s a fan of science fiction and fantasy, preferably stories leaning towards humorous, but will read anything that takes his fancy. When not writing about himself in the third person, he enjoys writing science fiction and young adult stories, and branching out into other genres when inspiration strikes. Morgan first began writing in 2014 after his eldest daughter was diagnosed at three years old with autism. It was a very stressful time and he found that writing helped calm him down. From that day he began working on outlines for many stories he’s since published. The first story he released was Storm View – a light-hearted noirish space adventure. The first thing he ever published though wasn’t science fiction at all. It was a children’s picture book called Biggy Piggy. Morgan wrote and illustrated it as a surprise for his daughters then published it (Kindle and Paperback) so other kids could get enjoyment out of it as well. Everything Morgan publishes is available from Amazon as eBooks and paperbacks, and CreateSpace for just the paperbacks. He sincerely hopes you enjoy the stories he has written and hopes you will leave a review on Amazon for any that you read. Feel free visit his website - www.morganhobbes.com and to follow him on Twitter (@morgan_hobbes) or Instagram (morganhobbes).
Making Man Audiobook Cover

Audiobook Review | Making Man by John Drake

I enjoyed the hell out of this one! I’m on a bit of a roll recently with books in the vein of Douglas Adams and this one has many similar qualities, maybe not as polished but a cracking good story besides.

The story revolves around Cobble, a neanderthal with a mind for engineering, and Bones, an adopted outsider with an unknown past and only a mysterious pendant to his name.

The Little Ship of Horrors Audiobook Cover

Audiobook Review | The Little Ship of Horrors by Vee James

I picked up this cracker of a story and listened through it in a couple of sittings (life annoyingly getting in the way as it does). The author, Vee James, lists his favorite authors include Terry Pratchett, Douglas Adams, Eric Idle, John Cleese, and Christopher Moore and you feel their influences throughout this tale.

Anyone who has ever heard of or watched “The Little Shop of Horrors” can probably take a good stab at what this humorous homage to the Rick Moranis 80s classic entails…

King of Pain Audiobook

Audiobook Review | The King of Pain by Seth Kaufman

I grabbed a copy of The King of Pain by Seth Kaufman and narrated by George Kuch, mostly because of the blurb and call-outs on the cover which promised me it was “riotously funny”. Perhaps it wasn’t to my sense of humour but “funny” wasn’t my take away from this book.

By no means am I saying I didn’t enjoy it, in fact I found myself trying to sneak in my earbuds at any opportunity to listen more. But riotously funny? No. An interesting, original and satirical look at the nature of modern television juxtaposed against stories of real suffering?

Writing Targets

Writing Targets

When I first started writing I was curious about how many words other authors wrote per day. It’s probably something every author wonders at some point, comparing their output to others. I used to worry that my output was low compared to other authors I admired. Over time, and especially so now I’m finding my writing groove again, that it doesn’t really matter at all. So long as I can sit down and write a few words each day, my novel moves forward.

Bite Me Potential Artwork

Bite Me (Update)

A while ago I posted I was free writing some zombie fiction to help get the old creative juices flowing. Well, I’ve been working on it steadily again over the last few weeks after fleshing out the plot. Originally, it was just an exercise in writing with no real direction. Now though it has a plot and direction for me to take it. There are still some minor holes and directional questions I need to work through, but the meat of what I need is there. The first draft is now sitting and just a little over 30,000 words and I’m maybe around half way through if I had to put a number on it.

Boneyards Audible Cover

2 New Audiobooks Coming Soon

For fans of the FTW Series, both Boneyards and Badlands are now in production to release as audiobooks! I’m absolutely blown away with the performance of my narrator, the fabulous Tara Marie Kirk who lends her voice to Echo, Kara, and the entire ensemble of characters of the story. Both books are being released through Audible, Amazon and iTunes so will be readily available for your favorite listening app. Wondering what you’ll be hearing? Read on!

Biggy Piggy by Morgan Hobbes - Cover Image

Free Biggy Piggy Books to Help You Stay Sane!

Need some easy reading to help distract your kids while cooped up at home, keeping your social distances during the COVID-19 pandemic? I feel you! I’ve got 2 kids going a little stir crazy so what better way to help show my support and help keep you Corona virus free than to put up both Biggy Piggy books for free! There are some blank stencils available for download too so you can colour in your favourite characters. If that’s not enough, you can also listen and watch as I read an animated version of Biggy Piggy on YouTube!

The Totally True Adventures of Gustav Gustavson: Legendary Viking Warrior - Audiobook Cover

5 Star Review at ABR

A very welcome surprise drifted across my Twitter feed recently in the form of a 5 star review of The Totally True Adventures of Gustav Gustavson: Legendary Viking Warrior audiobook. Reviewer Joe Mahoney at the Audio Book Review website said nice things like: For me, this was a laugh out loud good time. and This book just grabbed me and I was thinking of the greatest elements of Monty Python and Mel Brooks in their prime.  Spot on assessment if you ask me… and...

Bite Me: Tales from the Zombie Apocalypse.

Bite Me

I’ve been making an effort since last I wrote to work on my writing every day. Some days are harder than others, simply finding a quiet moment can be challenging with kids running around demanding attention. That said, I started freewriting some zombie fiction the other day. I didn’t sit down with the bones of a plot or a general idea for how the story would evolve, I simply started typing to see where it would lead me. Because I...

Jeff Goldblum Life Uh Gets in the Way


I’ve been spending time recently to freshen up my website because it’s spent the better part of the past year being neglected like countless Tamagotchi from the nineties. But after moving to a new website host and installing a new WordPress theme you’re now looking at the funky-fresh new website of yours truly. I’ve been in a writing drought of late. Prior to posting an entry on the new Doctor the other day (Spoilers: Jodie Whittaker was AWESOME!) I hadn’t...