Audiobooks Dropping Soon (Hopefully!)

I posted what feels like ages ago that I had a couple of Audiobooks in the works. That’s still true, and Boneyards and Badlands (FTW Series) are both pending approval from Audible with one slight catch.

A minor issue in my account ground everything to a halt, so while I’ve been trying to sort it out over the last few months my audiobooks have languished in purgatory.

I’m waiting on some crucial information sent to me by the IRS, and once I’ve got that everything will be sorted out on my account… but of course thanks to Covid shutdowns and postal delays (also Covid but also elections) it means the paperwork is still pending.

On the plus side, I’ve also got a THIRD audiobook on the way! Read by the incredibly talented Martin East comes the hilarious space adventure – Finsbury Park!

If you’ve not yet read Finsbury Park, here’s what it’s about:

Finsbury Park likes his life just as it is: quiet and uneventful. The universe has other ideas and forces him into having fun and exciting adventures whether he wants to or not.

Teleported to the other side other galaxy, he gets attacked by fast food before being mugged by a naked harpy, and inadvertently ticks off the most insanely violent and unhinged warship captain of the deadliest alien species in the galaxy. And that’s just in the first twenty minutes of his arrival.

With the help of the highly distracting harpy and his disinterested pet cat, Finsbury reluctantly sets out on his forced adventure in the hope it’ll satisfy the universe and he’ll get his old life back.

Bite Me

No, I’m not being rude. That’s the title of the book I’m currently working on. I was having trouble with part of it so I shelved it for a few months to give myself a break and a rethink.

Since coming back to it, I’ve decided what it needed was a perspective change – from first to third. As funny as it was being narrated by the protagonist, it lacked a little something. By shifting to third person I believe it now has what it was missing. So now, of course, I’m re-writing the whole thing and trying not to get mixed up with my perspectives.

Here’s a mockup of my current preferred cover design. Of course, it’s subject to change, but it’s what I’m most happy with so far… and because I’m all about Audiobooks at the moment, it’s the Audiobook version 🙂

Let me know what you think!