Flash Fiction | Drowning (A to Z Challenge)

Alone she lay underwater.

Bubbles rose to the surface.

Cold water engulfed her.

Death would arrive soon.

Every moment of life flashing by.

Fish startling as she thrashed.

Gone was hope of survival.

Holding her belly.

Infant inside she would never know.

Justice she hoped would come.

Killers deserve it more than most.

Lovers who lie maybe more so.

Murdering those they once loved.

No more after this would she suffer.

One last thing, couldn’t hurt to try.

Pray hard for a miracle.

Quiet, no response came.

Rope tethered to an anchor.

Secured round her waist.

Thrown away like garbage.

Underwater she would stay.

Very close was the end now.

Wished her friends well.

X’s and O’s to them all.

Years would pass without her.

Zero life she had left.