5 Star Review at ABR

A very welcome surprise drifted across my Twitter feed recently in the form of a 5 star review of The Totally True Adventures of Gustav Gustavson: Legendary Viking Warrior audiobook.

Reviewer Joe Mahoney at the Audio Book Review website said nice things like:

For me, this was a laugh out loud good time.


This book just grabbed me and I was thinking of the greatest elements of Monty Python and Mel Brooks in their prime. 

Spot on assessment if you ask me… and it’s not the first time I’ve seen the story compared to Monty Python and Mel Brooks either. Reviews left on Audible and Goodreads have mentioned the same. 

One thing that is becoming clear as more reviews are left is that Gustav both as a character and a novel is quite divisive. Joe said in his review:

This is one of those rare productions that will have an effect on the audience where they either love or loathe the audiobook.

Which I’ve noticed a few times in other reviews. People either love him or hate him, and if I’m being honest that doesn’t bother me. I don’t think anyone can write a character or a book that’ll appeal to everyone. Of course, I’d prefer it if more people love him than hate him, but I’m biased that way.

ABR Summary

★★★★★ Story (Plot)

★★★★★ Performance

★★★★★ Production Quality

★★★★★ Attention Holding

★★★★★ Overall

Check out the full review of Gustav Gustavson at AudioBookReviewer.com!

Update: This site hasn’t worked the last few times I’ve checked, so the link above may not work for you.