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My focus this week has been split between first-round editing of my work in progress, the comedic Viking fantasy “The Totally True Adventures of Gustav Gustavson – Legendary Viking Warrior”, and reading the superb superhero coming-of-age story “Dreadnought”. More on Dreadnought further down because first up it’s all about me! lol 🙂

So my first round edits basically involve me printing out the entire Word document as well as converting it to spoken word with a text-to-speech program. Then I sit and listen to the mechanical voice reading my story back to me. Any errors or awkwardness I find I correct on the print out. When I’m done with that, I’ll update the Word doc and convert to Kindle for a read through before I send it off to my beta reader.

I’ve also been tweaking my cover art for my work in progress. I had a brainwave late one night earlier this week that the cover I’d settled on was a little too flat and it might look good if it was stacked-paper. So I got to work editing the artwork which resulted (after a few horrendous attempts) in the new cover design shown here.

I had to adjust a few of the colours because once I shrunk it down to thumbnail size I couldn’t read any of the title text. To make the colours more complimentary, I changed the water and the background to green, and I think overall it works. So it’s the one I’ll be publishing with (unless hit by some major inspiration and redesign the whole thing, unlikely).

Below is a quick progression of how the cover art matured over time. The first (lame) attempt was mainly to get the bones of the idea in place (such as the Viking long boat at sea) and then go from there.

The progression of cover art from lame first draft through to final product. There were many more in between but these show the major changes.

And when I’m not doing all that, I’m trying to find the time to squeeze in reading Dreadnought by April Daniels. This book grabbed me the second I read the sample, and I knew I had to get it.

Long story short, I did, and am now sitting about half-way through. I’m reluctant to put it down each night, but I’d a) never get enough sleep and b) never get my work in progress edited.

Once I’m finished, I will of course be posting a review here like I always do, but this is one of those books I feel I just need to tell as many people about as quickly as possible. If you’ve not done so already, check out the sample for yourself and I think you’ll agree with me.

But that’s enough for now. I’ll post my review of Dreadnought probably next week once I’ve finished reading it so watch out for that.

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