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I’ve recently received a few emails with suggestions of books I might like to read based on others I have reviewed and thought I should clarify my position.

I am more than happy to receive suggestions for books to read, but please check my recent book reviews for the type of books I prefer. I will check out your suggestion, and if it sounds like something I’d like then I’ll add it to my Goodreads “To Read” list. But fair warning, there are already quite a lot of books on there! The more your book captures my attention, the more likely it is to float to the top of the list.

I post honest reviews of everything I finish reading here on my site as well as Goodreads,,, and from my next one (because I’ve just realised I can)

You can suggest your book via my Contact form. Things you should include in your message:

  • Your name (or the pen name you write under),
  • Your website address so I can see what else you’ve written,
  • Book title (link to Amazon or Goodreads would be better),
  • The blurb so I know what it’s about,
  • And other books I’ve read that are like yours (in other words: why you’re recommending it).


Final Thoughts:
Please don’t submit your entire back catalogue. Choose one and suggest that. If you’ve got a Goodreads or Amazon author page then I’ll find your other works that way.

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