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gustav_gustavsonLast week I gave you a peek into what I’m currently working on – a comedy / fantasy with the working title of The Totally True Adventures of Gustav Gustavson – Legendary Viking Warrior. I was fortunate to have last week off from work so got a lot more words into the draft so it’s now sitting at a little over 18,600 words.

Based on my outline that should put me maybe 30-40% of the way through the draft unless something changes.

I’ve also been working on a cover idea. Sometimes when I get stuck for words, I take a break from writing the story to work on cover ideas. I wanted this one to convey to potential readers it’s a humorous book so have designed a cartoonish look for the cover (along with the comically long title). There’s a bigger version of the cover concept at the bottom of this blog.

I’m back at my day job this week so I expect my writing output will slow down, since I’ll only be able to work on it in the evenings rather than all day. Here’s a sample of what I’ve written during the week. As always, this comes straight from the source, unedited and unchecked for grammar, etc.

After purging that imagery from my mind and polishing off a hearty breakfast of some weird kind of turkey-looking bird, we set off on what we hoped was the final day of walking before reaching the outskirts of Accradies. It was around noon when we came across a hooded person heading in the opposite direction.

“A most pleasant afternoon to you, stranger,” I said to him when we were close enough.

He threw back his hood and I saw for the first time that his eyes glowed with a deep, emerald green. As he gazed at us, an aura of the same color spread out to surround his body.

When he looked directly at me, I could feel those eyes boring into my skull, as if trying to read my very thoughts.

“Lo, fortunate ones. How fortunate your day is that you might happen upon me, Ounce the Great and Powerful Sorcerer.”

“That’s a coincidence,” I said. “I am Gustav Gustavson, Viking warrior of prodigious renown though apparently not in this land. But where I am from, I am frequently known as both Gustav the Great and Gustav the Powerful, though I’m not sure if ever at the same time. Unlike you, good sir.”

“An adventurer and his stalwart companions!” he said, checking out everyone in my motley travelling party.  “Then perhaps I am the lucky one. Just this very day I set out to find some soldiers of fortune that are ready to brave life and limb on a quest of great risk that can deliver an even greater reward. Would you and your group be interested, perchance?”

“YES!” cried Tayden, then added with a look to me, “Is that okay?”

I laughed heartily at the foot long elf while Eliska buried her face in her palm. Tayden was most eager to prove his bravery and skill for his unrequited love. I, however, knew better than to volunteer until I knew the details.

“Hah, my diminutive friend here is new to the game,” I said to Ounce. “Perhaps once you tell us more, we’ll be in a position to answer.”

Ounce scratched his chin.

“I’ll tell you what I can, but there are details I must leave out until I have your assurance you have accepted the quest.”

“Of course,” I replied, and Ounce outlined the quest for us.

That’s all for the sample. Below is the larger version of the cover art that I’m leaning towards being my favourite.



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