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vikingIt’s been a while since I’ve given an update of what I’m working on right now. Between reading a lot and getting the combined FTW Series ready I’ve been a little slack.

But I haven’t been idle in the ideas department. About a week ago I had a great idea for a comedy/fantasy novel. So once again I brushed aside the book I was working on – The Obsidian Witch – to work on this one while it was burning a hole in my mind.

I will get back to the other one eventually, but after letting it sit for a while (since I got side-tracked by Badlands), I was having a hard time getting back into the swing of it. So of course when the new idea came along I jumped at the chance to belt out as much as I could.

At the time of writing this I’m sitting at just over 11,100 words with still heaps more to write. I’ve got a working title – The Totally True Adventures of Gustav Gustavson – Legendary Viking Warrior – and cover idea (which I won’t be sharing just yet, still a work in progress), and a detailed outline for the plot. If I can keep up the momentum it might turn out as the longest thing I’ve written to date. There’s a small sample of the story at the bottom of this post.

The title should give you an idea, but it’s a comedy fantasy story fused with Vikings and D&D style monsters. The main character, Gustav Gustavson is a Viking (as pictured above… part of my potential cover art) who gets shipwrecked on a mysterious island filled with all kinds of fantastical creatures and people. Gustav is very self-assured in his belief he’s the greatest warrior ever. He narrates the story of his adventures with the details as best he remembers them.

Along the way he meets the standard fantasy fare, like orcs, giants, elves, dwarves, dragons… plus a couple of new hybrid creatures I’ve invented for the story. After reading a lot of LitRPG style novels recently I was inspired by Dungeon & Dragon’s ability to fuse weird animals and so did the same when inventing some for my book.

It had been a while since I’d written something funny and I thought it was time to do another one. Now, the sample I promised you. As always this comes straight from the source, unedited and unchecked for grammar, etc.

“Greetings, fellow warrior,” I shouted back. “I am Gustav the Great. You’ve no doubt heard of me, even though I know not what land this is. Perhaps you’ve heard tell of my exploits, being that I am the foremost Viking warrior that ever lived.”

The guard at the gate motioned with his hand, and there was another thwack as an arrow split the one on my left in two.

“That’s mighty fine marksmanship,” I shouted towards the many guards on top of the wall, not knowing which one performed the shot. “Easily the second best shot I think I’ve ever witnessed. The first, as you can probably imagine, I delivered during an archery tourna-”

The guard’s hand twitched and a second later another thwack split the arrow on my right.

“We have no time for braggarts, stranger,” the guard shouted back to me. “State your name and purpose simply and without exaggeration.”

To say this accusation caused me great offence would be an understatement. Being the bigger man, literally and figuratively, I ignored the insult and spoke to him in the manner he requested.

“Good sir, my name is Gustav Gustavson. I am Viking and was on search of adventure when my ship was wrecked during a violent storm. All hands bar mine were lost, and I found myself washed ashore on your beach. I admit I know not what country this is, and would very much like to find out. Should you wish me not to stay, then as soon as I can procure a boat I will be on my way.”

The guard at the gate considered me for a few moments. No doubt trained to sniff out trouble makers, but I was certain he’d see the truth of my words and would let me pass into the city.

“Do you have gold, or the means to pay for a boat?” he asked.

“No, but I am proficient in many things, and am sure-”

Again, the thwack of an arrow cut my words short. This one passed through my legs and buried itself into the ground a few feet behind me. I was beginning to think these people had taken an irrational disliking to me.

That’s all for now! Check back again for further updates on the progress of the story.

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