Badlands – Almost Here!

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book2_conceptSo apart from slacking off over the Christmas break by lounging around in swimming pools (we’ve had a few 40 degree Celsius days here in Australia recently… that’s 104 Fahrenheit in old money) what else have I been up to, I hear you ask. As you can tell from the deluge of book reviews I posted yesterday, I’ve done a lot of reading.

But also I’ve been editing part 2 of the FTW series: Badlands. That’s right, it’s getting closer and closer to a final release date! I’ve got my feedback from my beta readers and am working through their notes and making adjustments based on their observations. Once I’ve done that I’ll dump it all into a Kindle so I can have a final read through to pick up any typos or formatting mistakes I may have made, then it’s off to Amazon for publishing!

It’s roughly the same length as part one (a little shorter, but not by much). As before, I’ll be making a paperback copy available as well for those who prefer the feel of a book rather than a device.

As I’m typing this, I’ve just realized I haven’t even begun to think of a blurb for Badlands. I better get onto that today because I’ll be needing it very soon, so maybe (and this is my first attempt as I type and think at the same time):

Echo is lost. Kara is on the run. Old enemies return.

Just when they thought they were safe their world is turned upside down. Echo is captured and Kara must flee the city to save herself.

Beyond the city walls is known as the Badlands. The desolate wasteland between the cities on the east coast and the west.

In the Badlands live the worst of the worst and they’re hungry for fresh meat. At the same time it holds the last hope for salvation.

With FTW and even Echo working against her, Kara needs to survive long enough to take down FTW once and for all and get back her lost love.

So all things considered I’m on target for a mid-January launch date.

Also, I’m pulling the extended distributions of some of my books. It’s been a couple of months, and even one of my best movers on Amazon hasn’t seen diddly through any other channels, so I’m going back to exclusively Amazon, which means they’ll be available to borrow as well as buy once again.

I’m not overly concerned about that. It was more hassle to monitor additional sales channels, anyway. I’d much rather just look at one central point, plus I like giving the option to borrow the books through Kindle Unlimited.

It’ll take a few days to completely unlist all my books from their various sales outlets, but once that’s done I can put them back into Kindle Unlimited. I’ll post an update once they’re back in.

After all that is done… well it’s onto my next book. I’ve been neglecting my draft work in progress of “The Obsidian Witch” while all the above has been going on, so I’ll be glad to get back to it.

That’s all for now!


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