FTW: Badlands

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ftw_101I’ve been a bit slack with my blog posts recently. This is because I’ve been so caught up in both working on FTW book 2 and reading (and posting reviews for those) I hadn’t noticed it’s been a while since my last progress update.

Well, I’m now four chapters into my work in progress and am now sitting on just shy of 12,500 words. This makes me right on target! I’ve really been trying hard recently to write every day, even if it’s just a few hundred words. If I don’t try to keep focus I end up distracted by other things and my work goes nowhere.

I’m fairly certain that book 2 will be titled “Badlands“, but whether it is “FTW: Badlands” or “Badlands (Book 2 of the FTW series)” I’ve yet to decide. I’m also in two minds as to if I should rename FTW to “Boneyards (Book 1 of the FTW series)” or leave it as is. I feel it kind of makes sense to change it to “Boneyards“, but I also like “FTW“.

The problem I’ve found though is “FTW” is limiting to work with from a design point of view. It’s difficult finding a font that works like I want it to, whereas with “Boneyards” there are a lot more letters to work with.

That, of course, leads to another conundrum. If I rename the book, do I come up with a whole new cover? I like the gritty, grungy concrete look, but designing a new one that could tie both books together would be beneficial.

I’m hard pressed for ideas at the moment for a new cover. I design all of my own covers out of necessity (i.e. I doubt I can afford to pay someone to make them for me), so until I have a hit of inspiration I’m kind of stuck. Not to worry, I’m sure I’ll come up with something.

That’s all for this post, other than to say if you haven’t read the first book “FTW” yet then shame on you, ah I mean you really should!

I thoroughly recommend it. Check it out at Amazon.com 🙂

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