Biggy Piggy – The Animated Blockbuster!

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bp_cover_reducedWaaaay back in August I posted how I was working on an animated and narrated version of my kid’s book: Biggy Piggy.

Well, like most things life got in the way and it took a back seat to a number of other projects. However! Since I’ve been on holidays for the past 2 weeks I’ve had time to finish it off.

It’s now available to watch on YouTube, so go check it out. It’s free!

Because I’m making the book available elsewhere I’ve had to pull it out of Kindle Select, so unfortunately it can no longer be borrowed from Amazon. It’s still available to buy though at a very reasonable price of $0.99 (USD) in eBook form, and $6.49 (USD) in Paperback form.

If you have kids who like to colour in I’ve also got you covered. Check out my Printable Activity Page for a bunch of free Biggy Piggy related PDF’s to download. They’re all free too, so download as many time as you like.

I’ve just worked out how to embed YouTube videos, so you can watch it here too.

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