Promoting and Procrastinating

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pt2_211Over the last week I’ve been running a Kindle Countdown Promotion on FTW, where it was discounted to $0.99. I’ve been so busy keeping an eye on that and tweaking adverts that I really haven’t got much else done.

As part of the promotion I’ve been running a number of ads to help push sales through Google Adwords, Twitter, Bargain Booksy, and Amazon Marketing. All of this has resulted in a marked increase in sales during the week which saw FTW hit a category high ranking of 18!

I’d like to extend a “thank you” to everybody who picked up a copy during the promotion, and hope you enjoyed it. Check it out:

That’s me at #18!

All in all, I’d say the marketing push was moderately successful. I’ve learned quite a lot during the last week about what to watch out for when making ads, especially with Twitter. The main lesson is REALLY make sure you’ve got everything exactly how you want it and don’t rely on their “automatic bidding” system. Fortunately, I was quick to catch my mistake and remedied it before losing money.

Now that the final numbers are in, I can say that while I spent slightly more money than I earned during the promotion of FTW, the knowledge gained for how to better run future promotions has been invaluable. There’s also been some knock-on traffic to my other works, so all in all I reckon I’ve come out even.

So because all of that’s been keeping me busy I’ve hardly looked at my work in progress (The Obsidian Witch) I mentioned a few weeks back. I added a couple of hundred words but nothing major.

But since I’ve been thinking so much about FTW recently, I’ve also had a bit of a brainwave about it as well. Originally I had planned for it to be a standalone novel, but during the past week I’ve had a few thoughts tugging at my mind.

So much so that I’ve thrown down a few thousand words on ideas of where to take the story. Keep an eye on this blog for more on this as it develops. I’m quietly excited about the new direction it might be taking. I’ve also been thinking I may need to go back and re-work the cover for FTW, because if it extends into a series I’d like to give it a sub-heading. Something like FTW: Boneyards, which the sequel can then utilise for where I want to take it.

On top of all of that I’ve also jotted down ideas for a few other stories. They’re still very light on detail so I’ll cover them again if and when I flesh them out.

Ultimately I now find myself at a crossroads. Do I continue on with The Obsidian Witch or push it aside? I know what I should do, and that is to finish what I’ve started. I’m just super keen on the FTW sequel. Perhaps this is a lesson in patience, and by taking the extra time before starting the sequel I can have time to reflect on it’s story line and maybe improve on it.

Until next week, keep reading!

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