F T W – On Sale Now

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FTW is now on sale from September 30th to October 7th! During those dates you can pick up a copy for your Kindle for only $0.99 from Amazon.com or £0.99 from Amazon.co.uk.

FTW is a new Young Adult fight for survival in a dystopian future.


“My name is Echo Fox and I’m a scrapper. I live at the bottom of your world, in the place you don’t think about. We call it the boneyard and it’s filled with your waste.”

Echo Fox isn’t your typical sixteen-year-old. She lives in a boneyard, a place where your life can be cut short in a heartbeat.

When her friend Kara is brutally murdered, Echo vows revenge on the people who took it. Leaving the only life she knows behind her, Echo goes from lowest place on Earth to where nothing is beyond her reach.

In this world beyond her imagination, what she finds could mean the end of her life as well.


You can read a sample section of FTW here or buy it as an eBook or Paperback from Amazon.

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