Witches, Scarecrows, Black Glass

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Over the weekend I had a bit of brainwave about a plot for a new story. I had been looking at some rough outlines I’d already had when inspiration struck for this new idea.

I quickly jotted down the outline for a heap of the plot, and since then I’ve roughed it out further into the first stages of development. When I start a story, I like to put everything into a mind-mapping program so I can visualise the progression of the story. Once I’ve done that I move the plot points into a Word document and start writing the story.

So far I’ve written a total of zero words. That’s to say I’ve got the general plot points entered into XMind (the mind-mapping software) and dumped those points into a Word doc. Now I just need to set aside some time to write the thing!

Like my recently published novel – FTW – this one will be aimed at the Young Adult / New Adult market. I don’t want to say too much about it for the time being because the whole thing is so new, but I’ll post updates on it over the coming weeks to let you know how it’s going. However, it involves a group of teenagers, a witch, lots of scarecrows, and a whole lot of black glass. 🙂

As for FTW, it’s been published now for about a fortnight and has been doing rather well over at Amazon. At one point (after a couple of sales in quick succession) I made it to a category ranked high of 25. Needless to say I was very happy with that and took a few screenshots to save the moment.

That’s FTW ranked 25!


Because I like taking screenshots 🙂

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