Looks Legit, Yeah?

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This amused me no end this week. I received some old school spam by post the other day.

An actual, proper letter in my mailbox sent to me all the way from France. It made me think… I can’t help but think how lucrative of an industry this must be that these phishers can afford to send out mail by international post. Especially given how many people would just throw these straight in the bin.

Email spamming I can understand as the costs would be negligible, but surely by the time you print and post however many thousands of these to chumps around the world, the costs have to start adding up.

Unfortunately for these people I didn’t fall for their cunningly deceptive attempt at robbing me blind. Instead I got a good chuckle and a bonus blog post out of it.

Old School Spam
Identifying information scrambled of course. 🙂


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