25 Ways to Die When You’re Immortal

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The red ink of editing isn’t even dry on my soon to be released novel FTW and I’m busily working on my next. Between catching up on my reading and waiting for my draft to come back from my beta reader I’ve been massaging a few story ideas into shape.

The one I’m most keen on came from an idea I had for a title but nothing else. “25 Ways to Die When You’re Immortal” came to me one morning and I jotted it down in my “to think about” list.

For ages now I’ve been throwing down notes for this one. Snippets of ideas, or people, or events that could play out. I never could settle on an underlying story though. I had lots of small slices of life but nothing to join them all together. I envisioned it as a rebirth type story, where the protagonist is reborn as a new person each time they die and retaining memories of the previous life. I thought it could span millennia, starting in ancient Egypt and end way off in the future.

Over time I had various chapters laid out, each one for a different person he’s born as. Last weekend I got inspired after reading all my notes and formulated a plot to carry it all along. But once I’d done that I discovered the title doesn’t really suit the story idea I’ve developed. The main character still is reborn into many different lives, but no where near 25 of them.

Plus, it makes the book sound a little more light-hearted than the current trajectory of the plot is taking it, so I’ll need to come up with something more suitable.

All that aside I’ve been busily hammering out the story where time permits. Last time I checked I was around 6,500 words into the story and travelling well.

One thing I wanted to do was include a chapter involving my hometown. Many stories are written by people that centre in towns or cities they’re from. I live in Newcastle, Australia and have on occasion started a story based on the local area.

I never planned them out though and they failed just as quick as I started them. My preferred genres to work in don’t include literary fiction, more Sci-fi, fantasy, comedy, and I couldn’t ever make stories in these genres work with Newcastle.

So when I was writing down ideas for lives the protagonist could live, the opportunity to include Newcastle came calling so I finally got to use it. The chapter calls on the penal and mining roots of the city back when it was a fledging town. I don’t spend a lot of the story there. It’s just where the character begins his journey but I’m glad I could use it.

So what about FTW? Well, stay tuned. I’m hoping within the next week I should be able to give you the date I expect I’ll have it published, so stay tuned. 🙂

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