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I’ve had a really productive week since my last post. As I mentioned in last week’s post I’ve been working on ideas for a second part to FTW.

Well, I’m happy to announce that I’ve finished it so it’s now ready for editing! Yay!

So I did say if I got to 50,000 words I’d think about entering into Kindle Scout, well unfortunately I fell a few thousand short. The good news though is I’ve tweaked a few parts of the first story, in particular the ending so both parts now join into a single, full-length novel.

So it’s now well and truly the longest thing I’ve ever written and will be the first novel I’ve ever published. It’s a hell of a slog, I honestly don’t know how people cope with writing such huge novels. And this is just on the short side, you see people with word counts in the hundred plus thousand range.

Maybe one day I’ll have the patience. Hell, I’m just hoping one day I’ll have the time. With two kids running around the house it’s always a challenge to get enough quiet time where I can sit and write for a few hours.

That’s a lot of the reason why I like writing short stories, because they’re more manageable at the moment.

But I digress. With the draft of FTW done, I did a quick-and-dirty paste into my word template for the printed copy and it came out around 230 pages, so not too shabby. I’ve also been working on ideas for a new cover. I received an email from Amazon this week explaining their rules about advertising and covers with blood splatter are excluded.

As such I removed the splatters leaving just the text and the concrete wall so I can advertise it when it’s ready.

Then I figured while I was at it I might as well try overlaying different colours to make it stand out.

I started with the ubiquitous blue/orange combo that works well on almost anything. Then modified that one, subtracting some of the orange. Now I’m cursed with an over-abundance of choice. Oh well, at least I like a lot of the options I have to choose form.

I’m not sure how well it’ll stand out to you (depends on how you’re reading this), but there’s subtle texture variations between the examples, mostly inside the words. Here are a few example I’m choosing between.


A close up of texture inside the lettering.

That’s all for this week! If you’re looking for me I’ll be under a pile of paper covered in red ink. (Yep, I do mean me. My red pen tends to leak.)

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