FTW Part 2… Or Is It?

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For the past couple of weeks I’ve been thrashing out ideas for the second part of my as-yet unreleased novella FTW. I’ve held off giving part one to my beta reader until I get a better idea of how part two is developing.

I didn’t originally intend on writing a second part so before I go too far down the publishing path I need to make sure my ideas for the second will gel with what I’ve written for the first.

I’ve thrown down a few thousand words already and so far it’s progressing nicely. It begins right after the events of the first which has now led me to another conundrum.

There’s a site called Kindle Scout owned by Amazon that I’ve come across recently through which you can publish novels. Site users get to vote on works they like, and after 30 days if you’re selected by the Kindle Scout team your novel gets published through Kindle Press and receive an advance on royalties, advertising through Amazon and other benefits.

But, the kicker here is that it needs to be novel length, whereas my preferred formats are short stories and novellas. The first part of FTW clocks in at a little over half the minimum requirement at 25,100ish words, which is the longest I’ve ever written.

So now I’m thinking perhaps I should hold off on part 2 until it’s ready and see where I’m at. Both parts would join as a single work really well, so if the total is over 50,000 words perhaps I put it together as a single work and try my luck on Kindle Scout.

The worst that could happen is that I don’t get selected and I publish it myself. Which is what I planned to do originally anyway, so maybe I’ll give it a shot. Then again, the final length may not hit the minimum required and this’ll be a moot point.

Stay tuned then for more updates as part 2 progresses!

PS – I had planned on pasting in some text of what I’ve recently written, but I can’t find a bit that isn’t full of spoilers for the first half. 🙂


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