Sanctuary – Published!

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Sanctuary Large CoverA quick mid-week post to let you know I’ve just clicked the Publish button for the eBook and Paperback versions of Sanctuary!

It takes a few days for Amazon to link up the versions and get a “look inside” sample ready, but as soon as they’re ready I’ll update the Short Stories page with the links.

<Update> You can now read a sample section of Sanctuary here.

In the meantime if you’d like to check it out on Amazon just click this link!

Inspired by The Time Machine by H.G. Wells, Sanctuary is the story of an inventor named Gladstone. When he travels into the future, he finds the Earth destroyed and unspeakable horrors happening to the innocent survivors.

In this world of the future mankind is forced to live deep underground to shelter from the monsters that now roam the surface.

But the monsters have breached the Sanctuary Base he finds himself in and are preying on the survivors.


Sanctuary is available as an eBook and Paperback from Amazon.

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