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Not one specific topic this week, more a summary of what’s been going on.

So first off, I’ve been busy converting two of my short stories into paperbacks. Both Storm View and Finsbury Park are now available as paperback and kindle books.

Originally I wasn’t planning on doing this, but given how easy it is to do with CreateSpace I figured why not, because it gives people the option then if they want it.

Plus, I like being able to see them on my bookshelf and insufferably pointing them out to people when they visit :).

Second piece of news is that I’ve finished my editing of “Sanctuary” and sent it off to my beta reader to look at. It comes in at about 9,500 words or so, so it’s a nice quick read. Since then I’ve been working on the blurb. My first attempt is as follows:

Inspired by The Time Machine by H.G. Wells, Sanctuary is the story of an inventor named Gladstone. When he travels into the future, he finds the Earth destroyed and unspeakable horrors happening to the innocent survivors.

In this world of the future mankind is forced to live deep underground to shelter from the monsters that now roam the surface.

But the monsters have breached the Sanctuary Base he finds himself in and are preying on the survivors.

So it’s a flip on The Time Machine where I’ve put the good guys underground and the baddies on the surface. The cover image for sanctuary I revealed a few weeks ago while, and I include again here for you viewing pleasure :).

Sanctuary Large Cover
Dramatic, no?

It took me ages to come up with a cover I liked. I had designed heap of variations all along a similar theme, showing the underground Sanctuary Base and something happening above but I wasn’t 100% on any of them until I came up with this one. Keep your eyes peeled for an announcement for when it’ll goes live on Amazon.

Third and finally, my much longer work in progress – FTW – is now edited and ready to ship to my beta. Well it will be once I print it and bind it :).

Once I’ve heard back about Sanctuary, I’ll be sending this one through. I’m super excited about this one and can’t wait to get it out there. I have to remind myself to calm down and take my time so it’s as polished as it can be.

Bonus piece of news I thought I’d share. Last week I ran a Kindle Countdown on Have Shovel – Will Bury where I discounted it to 99 cents / 99 pence. Wasn’t a bad result I must say because I got lots of extra downloads and plenty of borrows through Kindle Unlimited, so hopefully I’ve gained a few new fans in the process.

It spent most of the week of the promotion in the top 100 rankings for Dark Humor which was nice to see.

That’s all for this week! Thanks for tuning in :).

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