Have Shovel – Will Bury

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I’m happy to report my next story due for release Have Shovel – Will Bury has come back from my Beta reader with a lot of great notes. I’m busily working away on incorporating their suggestions and giving the whole thing a spit-polish to get it as ready as I can for release.

In previous posts I’ve hinted at this one but never given much in the way of details. I’ve been a little more hesitant around this one mainly because it’s such a departure from what I normally like to write.

So what is Have Shovel – Will Bury all about? I’ll let the blurb tantalise you first…

A vigilante serial killer known only as The Undertaker is striking fear into the guilty and delivering justice for the innocent. If you’ve done the crime and do the time he will leave you alone. Cheat justice and he’ll bury you. Alive.

With over a dozen victims to his name the police are no closer to stopping him. But then one of his victims is unearthed when someone discovers who he is. Instead of being reported to the police he gets blackmailed into killing for hire.

With his time running out, will he stop the blackmailer or will the cops finally get their man?

Murder. Blackmail. True Love.

When I get a better idea of a release date I’ll post an update.

The title is a play on the old TV show “Have Gun – Will Travel“. The TV show title popped in my head one morning after I woke up (god only knows why, I’ve never watched the show). But it got me to thinking about alternatives, like what else you could have and what you’d do with it.

The idea for this story spawned in my mind the second I thought of “Have Shovel – Will Bury”. By the time I got out of the shower (where I do my best thinking, based on the number of story ideas I’ve had during my morning ablutions) I’d plotted out the opening scenes.

Interesting side note: This is the first story where I’ve used a tag line. So for those who like judging books by their covers, here is what it looks like:

Have Shovel Cover


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    […] update to my previous post, my latest work Have Shovel – Will Bury is now live on […]


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