2 New Books

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Two new books in as many days! I know I’ve been putting out quite a few recently, but that’s mainly because I had quite a backlog of stuff I’ve been working on for years.

The two latest releases are Finsbury Park (a science fiction / comedy / adventure) and the next in my Biggy Piggy children’s picture book series – Biggy Piggy Balloon Rescue!

I’ve got one more novella fully drafted which I am lining up to release within the next month after beta reading / re-editing is completed (more about this one soon). A complete departure from my preferred sci-fi category, this one features a vigilante serial killer with a good sprinkling of dark humour.

Once that one is published I’ll then be left with lots of  partially completed manuscripts of stories I’ve worked on over the years.

The closest next one to being finished is one I was inspired to write after reading The Time Machine by H.G. Wells, which I’ve tentatively titled “Sanctuary”. It’s loosely based on his story, but turned on its head somewhat. Unlike Wells’ with the Eloi above and the Morlocks below, in my telling the protagonist travels into the future and finds the survivors of mankind are living sheltered underground and are frequently attacked by monsters from the surface.

The first thing I’ll need to update are names of the characters, because since it’s been sitting in my to-finish pile for so long I ended up using names from this one in my other stories. The protagonist was originally Finsbury Park, who I obviously used in the story of the same, and Eliska who went from being someone he meets in the future to kicking ass on a prison ship in Nemesis Rising.

After that one though, pickings become a little slimmer. I’ve got outlines for another 3 or 4 short stories, I’ll see which one inspires me the most when time comes.

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