Nemesis Rising

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Nemesis-Rising-Cover-black_reducedYesterday I found a short story – Nemesis Rising – which I first started writing back in 2012 hidden away in my “Writing” folder. I dusted off the Word document and gave it a once-over and found it in good shape. It only needed a few tweaks and re-writes here and there to finish it off.

So now that’s done, it’ll become part of my collection of published Novellas and Short Stories.

The Blurb

On board the prisoner transport ship “Nemesis” a full-scale riot kicks off a desperate struggle for survival.

Things look bleak for the crew and the prison settlement on the ground when the Nemesis is set on a collision course to Mars’ moon Deimos.

Nemesis Rising is a 4000-word short story set in the near future where the worst of Earth’s criminals are sent to the prison moon Deimos, never to set foot on Earth again.

All things being equal it should be available on Amazon sometime this weekend!

Update! Nemesis Rising is now available as an eBook from Amazon.

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