Judging a Book by Its Cover

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As I mentioned in last week’s post I have finished the drafts of 2 WIPs I have been working on. I’ve now finished my edits of the first one – Finsbury Park – and on Sunday I dropped it off to my beta reader to take a look at. The editing process for this one took quite a bit of time. Apart from fixing the usual (typos, grammatical nonsense, etc) I changed the tense of the entire story.

I’ve always found I like writing in present tense, but after a lot of research I found I’m in the minority. Most people (it seems) dislike stories written in the present tense as it’s harder to suspend disbelief. Stories in the past tense paradoxically feel more immediate and real.

So when I figured I was going to have a hard enough time getting people to read my work anyway (given there are millions of indie authors doing the same), I caved to the pressures of society and changed it into past tense. In then end I’m glad I did as it improved it immensely.

So what is Finsbury Park all about? I’m glad you asked.

Finsbury Park likes his life just as it is: quiet and uneventful. The universe has other ideas and forces him into having fun and exciting adventures whether he wants to or not. 

Teleported to the other side other galaxy, he gets attacked by fast food before being mugged by a naked harpy, then inadvertently ticks off the most insanely violent and unhinged warship captain of the deadliest alien species in the galaxy. And that’s just in the first twenty minutes of his arrival. 

With the help of the highly distracting harpy and his disinterested pet cat, Finsbury reluctantly sets out on his forced adventure in the hope it’ll satisfy the universe and he’ll get his old life back.

So now you know.

But Morgan!” I hear you cry. “What does the cover look like so I may judge it.

Well, I’m also glad you asked that, because after I finished my first round edits on Finsbury Park I got to work designing a cover. I wanted one that encapsulated the fun nature of the story, hence Finsbury’s cat and a kraken (which he meets during his adventure) get to be front and centre on the cover. The cover image below is currently sitting top of the leaderboard for my preferred designs.

With any luck I’ll be able to announce a release date for Finsbury Park in next week’s blog. Stay tuned!

If you can’t wait that long (and you haven’t do so already) feel free to buy my other short story – Storm View.


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