2 WIPs – Drafts Completed

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I’ve just had quite the productive past few days. I’ve been making a concerted effort to finish the first drafts of the two works in progress (WIPs) I’ve been working now for a few months.

Three Orange Whips
Three Orange Whips?

Sorry John, just 2 WIPs.

Now they’re complete I need to start the fun task of going back over them looking for any plot holes or anything that doesn’t make sense, plus making sure it’s all grammatically correct.

After that I’ll need to get a copy to my recently appointed beta reader, and she can start tearing them apart!

So what are they?

The first, tentatively titled “Finsbury Park” is a humorous science fiction adventure which is a type of story I’ve wanted to write ever since I first read The Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy.

Blurb (subject to change as this is just the first pass)

Finsbury Park likes his life just as it is: quiet and uneventful. The universe has other ideas and forces him into having a fun and exciting adventure whether he likes it or not. 

Teleported to the other side other galaxy, he gets attacked by fast food, mugged by a naked harpy, and inadvertently ticks off the most insanely violent and unhinged warship captain of the deadliest alien species in the galaxy. And that’s just in the first twenty minutes of his arrival. 

With the help of the distracting harpy and his disinterested pet cat, Finsbury reluctantly sets out on his forced vacation in the hope it’ll satisfy the universe and he’ll get his old life back.

The second which I’m playing slightly closer to the chest is a complete departure from what I typically write. It involves a vigilante serial killer.

Blurb (also subject to change because I’ve just come up with it)

A vigilante serial killer known only as The Undertaker is striking fear into the guilty and delivering justice for the innocent. If you’ve done the crime and do the time he will leave you alone. Cheat justice and he’ll bury you. Alive. 

With over a dozen victims to his name, the police seem unable to stop him. Then one of his victims is unearthed. If that wasn’t bad enough, someone has worked out who he is and has started blackmailing him into doing their bidding.

 Murder. Blackmail. True love.

Keep watching this blog for more on these two stories as they progress. I’m working on cover ideas at the moment (i.e. procrastinating rather than editing 🙂 ) so will hopefully have something to show you by this time next week.

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    Judging a Book by Its Cover | Morgan Hobbes said:
    March 30, 2016 at 8:14 am

    […] I mentioned in last week’s post I have finished the drafts of 2 WIPs I have been working on. I’ve now finished my edits of […]


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